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Gem essences are potent high vibrational crystal energies infused into aromatherapy oils - a magical blend of the selected crystal properties synergized with complimentary plant energy (essential oils in this instance) to invite joy, light, manifestation & healing into your everyday life.

Each gem essence blend carries a specific vibration based on the infused crystal energy - choose the ones that would be most helpful for your current situation or intention. If you're unsure which one(s) would be a suitable choice, I always suggest to go with the one(s) that instantly attract you at first glance. The heart always knows what it needs, trust in the process and allow the mind to get on board (eventually) :)

Click here to learn more about these gem essences in detail and suggestions on how to incorporate them into your daily routine.

Available in full sized 30ml bottles and 10ml roll-ons.

Gem Essences

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