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MOSS AGATE gem essence (new beginnings, growth, optimism)

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Gem essences are vibrational crystal energy infused oils - a magical blend of the properties of the crystal synergized with corresponding botanical energies. Experience the energy of each selected crystal to invite in light and wonder into your day.

Moss Agates embody the abundant energy of Mother Earth in all her full glory & have been celebrated as lucky amulets – when placed among flowers they seem to bloom brighter, at work - businesses see a boom & when carried around with you - synchronicities seem to occur. Just like how being in nature can nurture you back to balance, let Moss Agates fill you up with such joyful energy & wellness so that you are ready to live your best life. Embrace change with excitement, welcome in new beginnings with optimism & seek out growth in all aspects of your life with wisdom & clarity.


• SWEET BASIL (strengthens self-confidence & improves motivation, uplifting. Increases mental clarity)

• EUCALYPTUS (LEMON) (soothes when feeling exhausted or overwhelmed, increases emotional fortitude, strength & perseverance)

• GRAPEFRUIT (inspires positivity & joy, exudes bright cheerful energy, comforting when facing challenges or uncertainty)

• Organic Grapeseed oil is used as the base oil

• Herbs – DRIED HONEYSUCKLE (carries a magical energy of sweetness, sharing with us its pleasure and joy & in turn, inspire dreams of love, fortune & happy days ahead)


• Apply and massage the oil onto your pulse points, temples or any place you are intuitively guided
• Place a few drops on your palms, rubbing them together allowing the motion and ‘heat’ to activate the oils before massaging it onto your body
• Add a few drops to your candles or sacred space to amplify your meditation practice
• Try adding a few drops into your products (such as lotions, creams, shampoos, serums, room sprays and more) to amplify their energies/effects
• Place a few drops in your bath
• Follow your intuition to other ways that feel good to you
• NOT to be taken internally and NOT for diffuser usage


: Keep away from direct sunlight & heat. Do not ingest. Avoid applying on broken or irritated skin. Check suitability for use if pregnant or if you have any medical conditions/allergies. Exposure to direct heat & sunlight may slightly alter the visual appearance of the oil but it does not reduce the energetics of the blend in any way. Please discontinue use if you experience any skin sensitivities or if the oil has gone rancid.

DISCLAIMER : These statements have not been evaluated by the Ministry of Health or any other relevant authorities. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information listed is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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