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BOTICA x HeartMind Alignment

BOTICA x HeartMind Alignment

I've had the pleasure of formulating two oil blends for HeartMind Alignment -  both blended with a magical synergy of healing plant energies and gem essences. Once handcrafted, they are then further charged up with reiki energies by Anushya (from HMA) with the intention of truly helping her clients connect to their highest potential for growth & transformation.


Here's a brief description of both blends (taken from her IG post)

The Alignment blend is a signature blend created to allow you to step beyond the mind space and into the heart space. Long term use will align the heart and mind to be in sync. This blend promotes calmness and peace especially for those you experiencing nervousness, anxiety or fear. It also opens up the heart chakra to allow love and compassion to flow to the self.

The Womb Healing blend is created with the intention of aligning women to their feminine consciousness by connecting with their womb space. This blend will be useful for women who do regular womb healing and meditation. This blend is also allows women to connect with their inner knowing and the flow of the universe.  

If these blends resonate with you, connect with Anushya for lots more info and perhaps a consultation too! 

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