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Get to know me a little better

Get to know me a little better

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the lovely Emm from Poptron to talk about how my journey into the world of aromatherapy began (by chance) and my inherent love for crystals.

"Ready To Rock Founder Ben Wong's crystal clear love affair with positive energy began at a turning point in his life; today, eleven years down the line, his is a story that resonates with all who have turned their passions into their work!"

"For those who are new to the art of inviting positive energy through mood boosting scents (and one's favourite crystal), Ben believes that the most important key point is to have fun. "I would like to suggest that there is no one 'right' way, and go with what feels good to you. Follow your heart and intuition and let the mind take a back seat from trying to analyse the whys and hows from a logical point of view." 

Read full interview here.

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