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Palo Santo sets 2024 (space cleansing, uplifting, smudging, calm, meditation)

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Palo Santo, meaning ‘Holy Wood’ is highly sacred and revered by the native cultures of South America. Its calming and relaxing aroma is among one of the more fragrant woods - no surprise that it is favored by many people as their go-to incense. For Palo Santo lovers and curious cats alike - celebrate your love for Palo Santo with these handcrafted blends (and sustainably sourced wood) for a truly uplifting experience unlike any other!

If this is your first time exploring these handcrafted blends, try out the PETITE PALO to sample the magic in all shapes & forms - makes a perfect gift too! And for those of you who have tried these blends individually, save more with the PS I LOVE YOU set today!

Please browse the images for a brief description of the individual items. For further details, you can find more info in their individual listings on the site.


- Ecuadorian Palo Santo Sticks (x5)
- Space Cleansing Mist (50ml)
- Oil blend roll-on (10ml)
- Soap (100g)
- Inhaler


- Ecuadorian Palo Santo Sticks (x2)
- Oil blend roll-on (10ml)
- Viva La Santo aromatic balm (3g sampler)
- Soap (35g sampler)

Experience the joyous, uplifting, space cleansing & positive vibe enhancing magic of Palo Santo today!


These Palo Santo sticks have been sourced from a holistically ethical & fair trade company which contributes towards the conservation of the forests of Ecuador & Peru (the main source of Palo Santo trees) and supporting the economic empowerment of the native community partners who steward these vast lands. All Palo Santo wood/sticks are collected from dead branches that have fallen to the ground in accordance with their natural life cycle and no live trees have been prematurely cut down during the harvesting process.

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