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Tiger Eye tumbles

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Nicknamed ‘The Shapeshifter - Tiger Eyes are the go-to companions for motivation, confidence + inner strength while calling forth your personal willpower to take inspired action.

With their golden, red and blue-ish shimmer speckled with inky black, brown and silver hues, there is no disputing the wild force that energizes their fiery energy. They have also been traditionally used as a protective totem - warding off curses &ill wishes.

Let them serve as a reminder to harness your inner strength and bring forth that sexy confidence to the surface. There’s no more need for self sabotage once you truly know that all you need is already alive, active & within you.

The individual colors lend additional attributes that further make them wonderful allies to face any situation with confidence & clarity (see next tab)

Size : approx 2 - 2.5cm


Yellow - motivation, creativity, inspiration, mental focus

Blue - calming, dissolves frustrations, clarity in communication, greater perspective to see situations clearly, deepens meditation

Red - fiery life force energy, courage, overcomes lethargy, passion, balances yin & yang energies, grounding


Mined & polished in South Africa

Please take note

Crystals will be intuitively picked (unless specifically requested) and you will receive a similar looking crystal (1/ONE piece) to the ones in the pictures.

Please note that as crystals and minerals are natural, they may not be as perfect as glass or man-made replicas. Some crystals may have natural marks or imperfect surfaces - please handle them gently and with care.

Color (due to lighting) and shape may vary.

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