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Stromatolite tumbles

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Stromatolites may look like mere rocks but they are actually layers upon layers of fossilized single-cell organisms wedged between sedimentary rock & they may just be the first example of life on Earth 4 billion years ago and most likely the only form of life on our planet for the first 2 billion years of its history!

They radiate soft, soothing and deep grounding energy - connecting us to the primordial ancientness of the earth, its very first life forms, our own past lives + the powerful life force that existed to create life. They work wonderfully to help release ancestral programming and outdated belief systems that may have accumulated in our energetic field over time.

As they hold eternal knowledge, Stromatolites are excellent stones to help navigate change + transformation - assisting healing on an emotional level to release blockages in our medirians and chakras. They work with us to stand in our power so that we can ultimately fulfill our soul goals on a personal and planetary level.

Size : approx 2 - 3 cm (chunky)


Release ancestral programming & outdated beliefs

Navigate change & transformation with ease

Emotional healing

Release blockages in the energetic body


Mined & polished in Australia

Please take note

Crystals will be intuitively picked (unless specifically requested) and you will receive a similar looking crystal (1/ONE piece) to the ones in the pictures.

Please note that as crystals and minerals are natural, they may not be as perfect as glass or man-made replicas. Some crystals may have natural marks or imperfect surfaces - please handle them gently and with care.

Color (due to lighting) and shape may vary.

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