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Green Tourmaline in Quartz tumbles

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Green Tourmaline has a lovely vibration that stimulates happiness and joy for life! It is a nurturing and calming stone that opens the Heart Chakra and helps promote compassion (especially for the self). It inspires the desire to understand other people’s perspectives and instills a sense of community and belonging. This stone helps align relationships with Mother earth and is thought to be helpful in healing plants.

Working with Green Tourmaline helps release inhibitions, which allows your true essence to shine, revealing the inner beauty and joy that is uniquely yours. It inspires creative efforts and soothes fear of success, allowing your desires and dreams to surface and manifest. It can be useful when planning new ventures by helping you visualize and dream up the final outcome.

As a healing stone, Green Tourmaline is effective in protecting and clearing the aura. It reverses negative energy making it positive. It aligns Chakras, removes energetic blocks and improves mental clarity, balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Green Tourmaline is helpful in strengthening relationships and improving your ability to experience the joy of an open heart. 

As a universal master crystal, Clear Quartz amplifies & magnifies the properties of Green Tourmaline while adding its signature energy of light & clarity - making it a potent combination for manifestation and healing.


Opens the heart and helps rejuvenate your life force energy

Inspires joy & allows your true essence to shine

Heightened sense of awareness, guiding you to follow your heart's desire

Promotes openness & patience


Mined and polished in Brazil

Please take note

Crystals will be intuitively picked (unless specifically requested) and you will receive a similar looking crystal (1/ONE piece) to the ones in the pictures.

Please note that as crystals and minerals are natural, they may not be as perfect as glass or man-made replicas. Some crystals may have natural marks or imperfect surfaces - please handle them gently and with care.

Color (due to lighting) and shape may vary.

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