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Fluorite tumbles

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Fluorite is an exceptional creation of nature, found in a variety of vibrant colors, often soft, glassy & luminous with a structure of order and perfection that resonates with the human mind like no other crystal.

They carry a calm, stable energy that brings order to chaos, and transmutes scattered thoughts into more cohesive and harmonious ones.

Fluorites are often referred to as the ‘Genius Stone’ - representing the highest state of mental achievement, thinking, absorption of new information while stimulating both hemispheres of the brain to work harmoniously in balance.

Work with Fluorite to clear negative energy from a space and it may help to minimize conflict as well. It also helps to clear mental fog, increasing focus/concentration, keeping the mind organized and clear - perfect for studying or for the office!

Size : approx 2 - 3 cm


Calm, stable energy

Mental focus, clarity & intellect

Order & harmony


Mined & polished in the USA

Please take note

Crystals will be intuitively picked (unless specifically requested) and you will receive a similar looking crystal (1/ONE piece) to the ones in the pictures.

Please note that as crystals and minerals are natural, they may not be as perfect as glass or man-made replicas. Some crystals may have natural marks or imperfect surfaces - please handle them gently and with care.

Color (due to lighting) and shape may vary.

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