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Evil Eye (Nazar) pendant / talisman

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Traditionally placed at the entrance of homes for protection, the Evil Eye is believed to dispel negative energies while inviting in good fortune and happiness.

The concept of the Evil Eye can be traced back to the Mediterranean over 5000 years ago. It is believed that an Evil Eye - or an intentional gaze of envy or hostility - can bring about bad luck or harm to be person it is directed to.

Over the years, amulets with this distinctive symbol (Nazar) have been referred to as Evil Eyes themselves, having the belief of being able to protect the wearer from harm. They have been said to repel any negative energy that has been directed at you to be bounced back to its source. 

Size : Approximately 4.5cm (H). Do allow for a slight variation in size as these are handmade items by Turkish craftsmen.




Good Luck


Handcrafted in Turkey

Please take note

Crystals will be intuitively picked (unless specifically requested) and you will receive a similar looking crystal (1/ONE piece) to the ones in the pictures.

Please note that as crystals and minerals are natural, they may not be as perfect as glass or man-made replicas. Some crystals may have natural marks or imperfect surfaces - please handle them gently and with care.

Color (due to lighting) and shape may vary.

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