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CEDAR smudge sticks (space cleansing, purification, lightness of being)

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Smoke cleansing has been used in ceremonial practices by many cultures and burning cedar (just like white sage or palo santo) helps to clear away stagnant or negative energy in your space, creating a positive environment for meditation. An energetically cleansed home is such a wonderful space to be in where it is filled with an abundance of calm, peace and an overall 'lighter' feeling. 

Cedar is a natural relaxant and the plant (and oil) offer beautiful energy of support, stability and also helps with relieving stress & worry. Traditionally, they have been used to represent purification & protection - Cedar trees are very old, wise & powerful spirits. They are amazing to purify the air, not only releasing negative energy, protecting you from undesired energy or influences in your space but also to infuse positivity and a sense of freshness & renewal.

Smudge your space to help clear any heavy energies that do not serve your highest good. For those who meditate on the daily, regularly work with tarot, energy work or any other modalities, smudging before a session is a beneficial way to clear the spirit & mind to boost intuition and clarity.

Each stick is approx 4 inches length and 20-25g.

(Please note that smudging is a highly sacred ceremony to practice respectfully & mindfully with the purest of intentions. The smoke created by burning sacred herbs is thought to purify the body and soul while bringing clarity to the mind. These smudge sticks have been lovingly source from a sustainable wildcrafted farm from the US).

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