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PALO SANTO room spray 50ml (space cleansing, uplifting, smudging, meditation)

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Palo Santo, meaning ‘Holy Wood’ is highly sacred and revered by the native cultures of South America. Its calming and relaxing aroma is among one of the more fragrant woods - no surprise that it is favored by many people as their go-to incense. It is commonly used for energetic cleansing (having similar properties to White Sage and Cedarwood), with a highly uplifting scent that cleanses & purifies your space and mind in preparation for meditation.

This special space mist is handcrafted in small batches and it's a beautiful smokeless alternative to the Palo Santo sticks for spaces where smoke might not be a preferred choice (such as around small children/elderly, at the workplace or if you may have sensitivities to smoke). Small batches of Palo Santo sticks are carefully infused into Jojoba for approximately 6 weeks, whereby its energetic qualities (as well as it's unique aroma) has been wonderfully immersed into the botanical oils.

Synergized with additional essential oils of Cedarwood, Palo Santo fruit & wood, Neroli, Pine and Frankincense to create a wonderful blend, inviting in grounding, balance, emotional support and soothing energy for your space and mind.

Lovingly mist your space with the intention to invite in a burst of sunshine and positivity and to dispel any negative/stagnant energy that not be conducive to your overall environment and mood.

Experience the joyous, uplifting, space cleansing & positive vibe enhancing magic of Palo Santo today!


• Woody with a slightly sweet & lemon-like afternote


• Purified water with Cedarwood, Ecuadorian Palo Santo, Neroli, Pine & Frankincense essential oils
• Energetically amplified with Clear Quartz & Citrine gem essences
• A plant based grain alcohol is used as a preservative system
• Blended with pure essential oils
• No synthetic fragrances or chemicals



No synthetic ingredients or fragrance oils are used in this formulation. Do bear in mind that the aroma of natural perfumery blends are not as strong/harsh as those made with fragrance oils. Enjoy the natural botanical aromas & the subtle emotional therapeutic benefits that work their magic in the background.

The Palo Santo sticks & essential oils used have been sourced from a holistically ethical & fair trade company which contributes towards the conservation of the forests of Ecuador & Peru (the main source of Palo Santo trees) and supporting the economic empowerment of the native community partners who steward these vast lands. All Palo Santo wood/sticks are collected from dead branches that have fallen to the ground in accordance with their natural lifecycle and no live trees have been prematurely cut down during the harvesting process.


Keep away from direct sunlight and heat. Avoid spraying directly onto broken or irritated skin. Please check suitability for use if you are pregnant/breastfeeding or if you have any known medical conditions/allergies


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