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PALO SANTO festive gift set

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[A special bundle curated for this festive season]

For energy folks and curious cats alike, transform your personal space (and also your mind, body & soul) into a sanctuary - an oasis of calm, tranquillity and good vibes only! Uplift the energy of your space to feel brighter, lighter & radiating with an endless supply of love & positivity with these handcrafted Palo Santo blends.

The Palo Santo space mist is a wonderful choice to use in place of smoke smudging, especially in places where burning may bring about puzzling stares or furtive glares & especially around little ones. Instead, just spray your room, workplace (discreetly I hope!), car – the list is endless!

Start and end the day feeling renewed & recharged with the Palo Santo soap, cleansing not only your beautiful skin, but also your energetic body, clearing away any undesired energy that you may have picked up throughout your day.

Experience the magic of Palo Santo up close and personal with the roll-on, a new BFF in terms when a little extra balance, grounding & center-ing is needed. Let it soothe away your worries, anxious thoughts & invite in calm into hectic moments.

Always wanted to bring Palo Santo everywhere with you? The answer is YES! The inhaler is a lovely companion to ease nervousness, boost your energy and may help to chase away the sniffles too!

Makes a wonderful gift for your loved ones (or perhaps a self-care treat) to restore your zen & to feel at peace. Experience the joyous, uplifting, space cleansing & positive vibe enhancing magic of Palo Santo today!

This set includes :

1x Palo Santo SPACE MIST mist 50ml
1x Palo Santo melt and pour SOAP 100g
1x Palo Santo essential oil ROLL-ON 10ml
1x Palo Santo aromatherapy INHALER

Feel free to browse each item’s respective post for much more info or chat with me to know more.
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