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DEW DROPS SAMPLER MIX liquid soap / body wash 30ml x 3 (all natural, no harsh chemicals, all skin types)

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[please take note that this product may not have a very strong scent & may not foam/lather up as much as commercial products]

Not sure which season is your favourite, or perhaps a little unsure about the aroma, texture or lather? No worries! Try out a mini mix of all 3 blends - each variant comes in a pocket size 30ml bottle for easy usage, and is great for carrying around with you as a hand soap or even on short trips!

For more info on each blend, please browse their respective product posts.


1 x Summer 30ml, 1 x Spring 30ml, 1 x Autumn 30ml


(do take note that only pure essential oils are used and the aroma is more subtle & softer compared to commercial products that usually use synthetic fragrances)

Summer – A softy, zesty citrus aroma
Spring – A floral aroma with just a light amount of gentle sweetness
Autumn – A balancing blend of fresh & woody notes with a slight tea tree afternote


A little bit goes a long way! Pump a small amount and gently spread it over your body with a little running water. Let the liquid soap linger on your skin for a short while before washing it off to allow your skin to absorb all of its botanical goodness!


Liquid Soap Base – Purified Water, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Potassium hydroxide*, Hydrolized Wheat Protein & Myristyl Lactate (plant based emollient) (*None remains after the saponification process)
Pure Essential Oils
• NO harmful chemicals, SLS/SLES & parabens. Alcohol & animal origin free
• Safe & gentle for daily head-to-toe use



No synthetic ingredients, thickeners & surfactants are used. This liquid soap may not foam or lather up as much as commercial products. Enjoy a more natural, green & equally effective way of cleansing without any additional ingredients that may not be too good for the body & the environment in the long run.


Keep away from direct sunlight and heat. Avoid applying directly onto broken, irritated, hypersensitive or diseased skin. Please check suitability for use if you are pregnant/breastfeeding or if you have any known medical conditions/allergies.

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