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Mini Smudge Set (travel, smudging, sage, space cleansing, purification, meditation, grounding, peace)

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Sanctuary - a sacred space. A place that makes you feel safe, peaceful and at ease.

Invite in serenity and tranquillity wherever you may be, filling the space with this beautiful energy where you are always safe, protected and guided by the energy of light and love.

Great for when you’re traveling or when you are in the mood for a quick energetic pick me up!

Each set contains:

🧘🏻 White Sage smudge stick (approx. 15-20g), ethically sourced

- Smoke cleansing has been used in ceremonial practices by many cultures and burning sage (one of many traditionally used herbs) helps to clear away stagnant/negative energy in your space - creating a positive environment for meditation, connection, grounding & intuition.

🧘🏻 New Age Sage smudge spray (20ml)

- A modern day version for spaces and places where smoke may not be a preferred option. It’s great for a quick space cleanse at work, in the car (bye bye road rage) and especially around little kids or the elderly (their health always comes first!). Synergized with essential oils + gem essences for an added boost.

🧘🏻 Palo Santo sticks x2 (ethically sourced)

- Cleanse, purify and uplift the energy of your space while inviting in sunshine + positive vibes to your body, soul and mind

🧘🏻 Feather

- In traditional Native American ceremonies, they represent the element of air and a gift from the higher realms. As with many traditional ceremonies, the feather completes the balance of the elements. Use them to direct & guide the sage smoke around your body or the room to spread it out and be carried forth into the wind.

May your space, mind, body & spirit be filled with an abundance of peace, light & joy always!

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