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Palo Santo set (space cleansing, uplifting, smudging, calm, meditation)

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PS I LOVE YOU – All in One Palo Santo set

Palo Santo, meaning ‘Holy Wood’ is highly sacred and revered by the native cultures of South America. Its calming and relaxing aroma is among one of the more fragrant woods - no surprise that it is favored by many people as their go-to incense. For Palo Santo lovers and curious cats alike - celebrate your love for Palo Santo with these handcrafted blends (and sustainably sourced wood) for a truly uplifting experience unlike any other!

Each set contains:

Palo Santo Sticks (x5)
- Cleanse and uplift the energy of your space while inviting in sunshine + positive vibes to your body, soul and mind

Palo Santo Uplifting Space Mist (50ml)
- A modern day version for spaces and places where smoke may not be a preferred option. Lovingly mist your space with the intention to invite in a burst of sunshine and positivity and to dispel any negative/stagnant energy that not be conducive to your overall environment and mood. Synergized with additional essential oils + gem essences for an added boost.

Palo Santo Face & Body Oil (30ml)
- Deeply grounding, balancing and centering to help quiet the mind and evoke a sense of peace & stillness. A wonderful companion for meditation or when going thru stressful situations.

Palo Santo Inhaler
- Always wanted to bring Palo Santo everywhere with you? The answer is YES! A wonderful companion to ease nervousness, boost your energy and may help to chase away the sniffles too!

Experience the joyous, uplifting, space cleansing & positive vibe enhancing magic of Palo Santo today!

Feel free to browse the individual product posts for additional info.

These Palo Santo sticks have been sourced from a holistically ethical & fair trade company which contributes towards the conservation of the forests of Ecuador & Peru (the main source of Palo Santo trees) and supporting the economic empowerment of the native community partners who steward these vast lands. All Palo Santo wood/sticks are collected from dead branches that have fallen to the ground in accordance with their natural life cycle and no live trees have been prematurely cut down during the harvesting process.

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